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Sex Energy Transmutation

Desire for sex is creative energy seeking expression.

Many men unknowingly waste this creative potency;
and this is one primary cause of mediocrity.

When properly harnessed, the creative essence that initiates all
earthly existence, can be used to achieve anything you want.
This Book tells you how!


Sex Energy Transmutation


Sexual Energy Transmutation

5.0 out of 5 stars
I know these truths.

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I know what the author says to be true. I needed a reminder. To any man or woman seeking their Higher Power, read this Book.

…The truth is, I am about to be 41 and I have practiced the opposite of what this book preaches up to this point in my life, regretfully so, to my own detriment. I literally cry for the decades I've wasted. I wish I knew this stuff 20 or 30 years ago.... I know it to be true.

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