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By Amazon Customer on August 18, 2012

Format: Kindle Edition

The introduction, the 1st chapter, about energy & life in the book is excellent. This concept of "the sexual transmutation" that people created is completely none-sense. The reality & people are far from what it says in the book and it will never happen either. First of all, most people are lousy lovers. Most of them have no idea how to have sex or making love, forget it. If you don't know how to have sex, how do you make love? Yes, we do have very strong sex drive that nobody knows what it is. You don't have to make up stories like this book or Napolean Hill talking about something that does not exist in our reality. Sex is very similar to hunger. Your hormones drives you crazy. That's all. Just like when you fill your belly, your hunger is gone for while until next time. Sex works the same way. That's why so many men are like the way they are "irresponsible playboys + lousy lovers" and they don't mind at all stealing every woman's virginity if they can because it's too boring playing themselves by j**king off their d**ks. We need to grow up more than just these sexual needs or the games we play to each other. I wish we can transmutate this sexual energy like the book says. But it is very misleading concept because it doesn't exist. The only way that sexual transmutation can happen is redirecting that sexual energy to dancing, sports, exercise, etc. because anything that you touch like massage or use or twist the body feels good because we are giving our cells some exercise & they love that. It's not necesary to have sex either. If you don't have sex, probably it's better for your mental & physical health cause it's just another addiction of life to deal with.


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