Chapter 1: CREATIVE ENERGY - The Genesis

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Quantum physics reveals that everything is pure Energy differing only in rate of vibration. Everything vibrates at its own specific rate, which in turn determines its characteristics.

Everything, including you and me and the entire universe around us is pure Energy, differing only in rate of vibration. Everything vibrates at its own specific rate, which determines its characteristics.

Similarly, the great scholar, philosopher and scientist, Albert Einstein, stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely changes from one form to another.

A physical illustration of this principle is the molecular combination H2O which can be solid (ice) or liquid (water) or gas (vapour), depending on its rate of vibration at any point in time subject to the prevailing atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure.

Einstein’s energy theory, encapsulated in the universal formula E=MC2, shows that Energy is Matter, and matter is energy. Thus everything is energy.

Further analysis shows that on the lowest vibration or dense spectrum is solid matter which can be seen and touched. On the highest vibration or alpha spectrum is subtle ether or spirit, which can neither be seen nor touched – such energy vibrations are beyond the sensual perception of humans; but some domestic animals can sense them.

However, even though we do not see and feel it, spirit essence enfolds and permeates ALL. In it we live and move and have our being. What the ocean is to the fish, spirit is to Man.


"You are today where your Thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your Thoughts take you."

James Allen

It may help clear any misconceptions and improve our understanding, if we simply say that for the purpose of this discussion, physical refers to things we can see and touch - such as houses, tables, our bodies, etc; while spiritual refers to things we can neither see nor touch - such as thought, ideas, emotions, intentions, desires, etc.

Thus, we live in a universe comprised of both the physical and the spiritual worlds. The one, we can see and feel; the other, we can neither see nor feel with our primal senses, yet exists.

The physical dominates our awareness because we sense and identify with it all the time. But spirit being imperceptible, is virtually ignored, yet everywhere present, potent and operative. Our universe is a countless assortment of potent energy fields of diverse intensities in constant flux.

The spirit world begets the physical world. The mental world begets the material world. The kingdom within governs the kingdom without. Our inner consciousness creates our outer experiences. The outside world mirrors the inside world. As in heaven, so on earth. As within, so without. As above, so below. The one is cause, the other is effect.

God created Man in His own image and likeness. God is Spirit; therefore the real inner Man is spirit. As an essentially spiritual being, Man is under the authority and compulsion of Spirit. Man’s primary origin and constituency is Spirituality. When Spirit enthrones and takes full dominion in Man, his Mind is at peace, his Body is harmonized, and his Affairs are ordered.

Just as his creator, whose image and likeness he is, Man is also a creator. Desire stimulates Thought. Man creates through his Thought and Ideas held in Mind. Thought is creative Energy; wherever thought goes, energy flows.


"Life is Consciousness - the creative awareness of Man.
To live is to create - and what you create is up to you."

Jay Onwukwe

Through the law of mental causation in action, whatever you passionately desire, you ultimately attract. Thus, any passionate thoughts held in Mind long enough come to fruition. That way, Man creates his worldly experience and predicts his future outcome.

All men and all women are endowed with abundant creative energy. The evolved man or woman is not only aware of this innate potency to create, but has freedom of choice as to its development and deployment for the highest good - a great responsibility.

Man is imbued with the intelligence and wisdom to develop and judiciously use his creative abilities to expand himself and uplift humanity - and this sets him apart from other animals.

Life is spirit - the creative essence that animates all Mankind. We can neither see nor touch Life, yet it exists. Life, the definitive idea in God-Mind (Genesis 1:26) is invisible, yet reveals itself in birth and death and all activities in-between. Life is activity. To be alive is to be creatively active.

Between the earthly milestones of birth and death, life is the unbroken flow of creative energy manifestation. Birth and death respectively mark the entry and exit of life. Life is creative awareness expressing itself.

Life is the creative potency in Man - to live is to create. Man is constantly exercising this great power - knowingly or unknowingly -through his thoughts, desires and actions.


"Your Mind is a fertile soil; your Thoughts, Ideas and Desires are seeds;
and they yield according to their kind. Seek first to govern this inner kingdom with
right-thought-ness, and all other things shall be added unto you."

Jay Onwukwe

Creativity is innate in Man. However, what you create is up to you. Your station in life today is a reflection of how well you have managed your creative ability since birth.

All creativity begins in the invisible - in the crucible of the Mind - as an Idea or Thought which given sufficient attention, eventually manifests as things. Therefore seek first to govern this inner kingdom with right-thought-ness, and all outer things shall be added unto you.

Your Mind is very fertile soil; your thoughts and desires are potent seeds, and they yield according to their kind. Thus your Mind, working in accord with Cosmic Intelligence brings about your ultimate experience, and indeed your earthly destiny. Surely, you create your world!


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