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Sex is a mighty urge to action! Learn to express your sexual desire in a balanced and dignified way that enriches and uplifts both Man and Woman in Mind, Body and Spirit.



Introduction 1


Creative Energy: The Genesis


Sex Motive: The Activator


Sexual Desire: Pro-creative Trigger


Harmonization: Water versus Fire


Sexual Intercourse: A Mutual Union


Mutual Exchange: The Equalizer


Spiritual Communion: Two Are One


Semen: Most precious Possession


Suppression: A Losing Battle


Abstinence: Stokes The Fire


Continence: The Accumulator


Conservation: The Preserver


The Sex Organs: Tree of Life and Death


Energy Centres: Cups of Plenty


Transmutation: The Liberator


Old Age: Eon of Conservation


Balance: Nature’s Way


Sex Cycle: Benevolent Secret


Sexual Healing: The Best Medicine


Sexual Killing: Eating the Seed of Life


Procreation: Highest Creative Power


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