Chapter 22: LAST LINES

Category: Preview Written by Jay Onwukwe

Thought is creative energy.To rise above mediocrity, a man must avail himself of his powers of creative imagination. Excessive sexual indulgence depletes this faculty.

Man is naturally imbued with potent creative energy. Through Mind action this energy can convert from one form to another.

Thought is creative energy, and you may chose to focus it on sex or on whatever else you want; and that determines your result.

Man creates through his Thoughts held in Mind. Desires and Ideas stimulate mental activity. Given enough stimuli, this invisible creative energy ultimately brings forth its physical equivalent.

Whatever a man passionately desires and ideates, he attracts. Thus any thought held in Mind long enough, comes to fruition. That way, man creates his World and predicts his own Future.

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My Life is a dream; and I look forward to waking up one day,
on the other side, and looking back to realise:

Wow! What a beautiful dream!

Jay Onwukwe



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