Chapter 16: OLD AGE - Eon of Conservation

Category: Preview Written by Jay Onwukwe

Old age is the age of wisdom and conservation. At age sixty and beyond, a wise man should conserve his creative essence and deploy it to higher creative outlets.

Old age is the age of wisdom and conservation. For some, physical and sometimes mental activities begin to slow down. In this concluding stage of man’s earth life, sensual passions naturally begin to diminish, as wisdom enthrones and spirituality blossoms. A balanced youth life naturally portends a glorious and potentially divine old age.

At this stage of life, and having attained wealth and wisdom, man is inclined to generously giving back to humanity, not only his possessions but also his knowledge and wisdom, in appreciation for the good life he has enjoyed on earth.

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Excessive loss of semen, which is drawn from vital organs of the body
can weaken or even shorten the life of an old man.



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